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Short-legged Horned Toad – Hong Kong Wildlife | 短腳角蟾 – 香港野生動物

The show was stolen, and even its name.

“What is a horned toad?”

  1. Most people will have zero ideas.
  2. Those who are into herpetology will name the North American horned lizards (Phrynosoma sp) which are commonly known as horned toads. Right, they are not toads.
  3. Some may think of the much more well-known horned frogs either from South America (Ceratophrys sp) or Asia (Megophrys sp). Neither are toads as well.
  4. No one knows about this real horned toad.

But don’t be too serious. Common names of animals are rarely preciously accurate. That is why we need scientific names.

The Short-legged horned toad (Megophrys (Xenophrys) brachykolos) is also known as Peak spadefoot toad because it was first discovered in the Victoria Peak (locally known as The Peak), Hong Kong.

Its subtleness comes from its discreteness – It is a tiny little toad growing to less than 40-48 mm that burrows a lot and it is far from common. They are not easy to find at all!

Out of all 23 amphibian species of Hong Kong, there are only 3 endangered species – Hong Kong cascade frog (Amolops hongkongensis) 香港湍蛙, the most well-known Romer’s tree frog (Liuixalus romeri) 盧文氏樹蛙, and this toad.

Previously thought to be a subspecies of the Little horned toad (Megophrys minor). But molecular genetic evidence now supports its full species status. The 2 species are obviously different. The Little horned toad is absent in Hong Kong but much more common in southern China and Southeast Asia.

Not an endemic species – Other than Hong Kong, it can also be found in southern China and Vietnam. But it is hardly known outside Hong Kong. To be fair, it is even not known to most people in Hong Kong.

Megophrys brachykolos (Inger and Romer, 1961)
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Megophryidae
Genus: Megophrys
Species: brachykolos

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短腳角蟾, 短肢角蟾