Wildlife Photography as a secondary profession

As a wildlife biologist and handler primarily, the photos by Goatee Toni might not be from too much of an artisitc angle, unlike pure wildlife photographers.

Whenever in a trip when GT encounters an animal, he would get as near to it as possible. For some animals, especially reptiles, he would try to catch and handle them in a way not to harm them. Feeling with bare hands and checking them out upclose is the way he understands the animals.

Taking photos is the thing he does at last, if he still got the chance before the animals fleed. He likes to get up close and rarely uses tripods or big long distance lens. He does not mind showing some lower quality snapshots by compact cameras to fill up the species gallery.

Animals in most of the photos are not in "perfect" position. GT enjoys handling some imperfection and likes it the natural way as they should be.

Main cameras he used in recent years include: Canon EOS-1D X, Canon EOS 6D, Leica M9-P, and some GoPro Hero 4

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